Big Data Sessions

Big Data Sessions at IFMRS Member Meetings 2015-2018


ASBMR Annual Meeting 2018

Cutting Edge Technologies: Emerging Applications in Single Cell Genomics/Proteomics

An Overview of the Most Popular Single-cell omic Analyses and Workflows Enabled by the C1 – Katy Richards-Hrdlicka (Fluidigm)

Tools for Performing Single Cell Genomics – Francesca Meschi (10x Genomics)

Single Cell Genomics – Matthew Greenblatt (Weill Cornell Medical College)

Single Cell Proteomics – Ugur Ayturk (Boston Children’s Hospital)

Genomics for the Clinician

Next Generation Sequencing: Moving Beyond the Exome – Emily Farrow

Genomics for Clinicians – Emma Duncan

JSBMR Annual Meeting 2018

Big Data Analysis in Musculoskeletal Sciences – Lynda Bonewald


ASBMR Annual Meeting 2017

Functional In-silico Assessment of Genomic Regions Influencing Bone Mineral Density –Emma Duncan and Fernando Rivadeneira

RNA-Seq Computational Analysis Training Workshop – Andre van Wijnen

ANZBMS Meeting 2017

The Genetics of Bone Disease: practical approaches and applications – Emma Duncan, Aideen McInerney-Leo, Paul Leo, Scott Youlten, Matthew Brown, David Evans

JSBMR Annual Meeting 2017

Big Data in Genomics and its Capacity in Medical Research


ASBMR Annual Meeting 2016

How to get the most out of the UCSC Genome Browser – Robert Kuhn

Computational Methods for RNA-Seq Data Analysis and Network Modeling – Andre van Wijnen

Interpreting the Influence of Genomics on Bone Mineral Density – Emma Duncan and Paul Leo


ASBMR Annual Meeting 2015

Small Ways to Utilize Big Data in your Research – Matthew Brown and Matthew Maurano

Using Big Data to Translate Genetics into Clinical Practice – Matthew Brown

Using the Newest Version of the Road Map and ENCODE Data in Genomic Research – Matthew Maurano

Bioinformatics Tools to Unravel the Complexity Underlying GWAS Signals – Fernando Rivadeneira

Integrating Data Sets: Multiple Histone Modifications as Predictors of Osteogenesis – Jonathan Gordon

Transcriptome Analyses and Epigenetic Changes in Response to Hormone Stimulation in Osteoblasts – Mark Meyer