The IFMRS is the only genuinely global organization representing all of musculoskeletal research, including basic, translational and clinical research, and covering everything from rare diseases to osteoporosis to osteoarthritis to sarcopenia and fragility fractures.

Both Full and Affiliated Members must share the IFMRS values: 

  • Scientific excellence and rigor 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusivity 
  • Global collaboration 
  • Transparency
Full Membership

Membership of the IFMRS is open to all incorporated, independent, non-profit musculoskeletal research organizations which are governed by a democratically elected board of volunteer leaders, and provides a unique opportunity to establish direct and regular contacts with other musculoskeletal societies to exchange information, knowledge and ideas; to learn from each other; and to speak with one voice.

Please note that we have no individual members: membership is only open to organizations, who pay an annual membership fee based on number of members.

Affiliate Membership

The IFMRS welcomes applications for Affiliate Membership from any organization which has an interest in the field of musculoskeletal research. Affiliation is free of charge and allows participation in strategic discussion and involvement in IFMRS working groups, but does not confer any formal representative or voting rights.