Upcoming Joint Sessions

ECTS 2020 Annual Meeting
20-24 October 2020, Marseille, France

Joint ECTS/IFMRS session on Big Data

Chair: Ralph Müller
Speakers: Fernando Rivadeneira and Emma Duncan

Recent Joint Sessions

ORS 2020 Annual Meeting
8-11 February 2020, Phoenix, Arizona

Sunday 9 February 1.30 to 3.00

Single Cell Omics for Musculoskeletal Research

Organized by The Big Data Workgroup of the IFMRS
Jennifer Westendorf & Muhammad Farooq Rai


The ability to analyze individual cells within a tissue or cell population is transforming biology and medicine by allowing for the identification of new cell types and lineages that are present during normal and disease states. This workshop will feature speakers who are using cutting edge technologies to study the epigenome, transcriptome and/or proteome of musculoskeletal tissues at the single cell level. Speakers will review the strengths and limitations of current single cell technologies (scRNA-seq, Cy-ToF, and sci-ATAC-seq) as compared to bulk technologies and summarize how these technologies are advancing our understanding of skeletal development and disease.

Using Single Cell RNA Sequencing to Determine Cellular Heterogeneity and Trajectories of Lineage Specification
Chia-Lung Wu, PhD, Washington University

Exploring the Regulatory Control of Cartilage Development to Understand Skeletal Disease
Terence Capellini, PhD, Harvard University

Single Cell Mass Cytometry (Cytof) Analyses to Map Cellular Heterogeneity in Healthy and Diseased Skeletal Tissues
Nidhi Bhutani, PhD, Stanford University

ASBMR 2019 Annual Meeting
20-23 September 2019, Orlando, USA

IFMRS Musculoskeletal Genomics Knowledge Portal 

Friday 20 September,  12:00-12:40
• Noel Burtt PhD, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
• Douglas Kiel MD, MPH, Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research Hebrew SeniorLife, United States

You can view a recording of the session on the ASBMR meeting highlights page

24nd Congress of the Spanish Society for Bone and Mineral Metabolism Research (SEIOMM)
6-18 October 2019, Girona, Spain

Joint IFMRS/SEIOMM Session: Mechanisms of Cellular Senescence in the Bone Tissue

Friday, 18 October, 10:00
Joshua Farr (Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, USA)

Vitamin D Workshop

17-20 August 2020

ASBMR 2020
Annual Meeting

11-14 September 2020
Seattle, USA

26th Annual

8-10 October 2020
Sydney, Australia

The 38th
Annual Meeting
of the JSBMR

09-12 October 2020

ECTS 2020
Annual Meeting

20-24 October 2020
Marseille, FRANCE