• How to Join

    The IFMRS is now open to membership applications from eligible societies. Please note that there are no individual members – membership is only open to societies. 

    Membership fees are based on the number of individual paying members of the society applying for membership.  The 2018 rates are:

    Number of members                   Fee

    Up to 200                                        US$1,000

    201-500                                           US$5,000

    501-1000                                         US$10,000

    1001-5000                                       US$15,000

    Over 5000                                       US$20,000

    Benefits of joining include:

    • Funding - Your members will have access to IFMRS Travel and Exchange grants and to IFMRS Fellowships
    • The IFMRS can provide world-renowned international speakers to present at your society’s meetings (see report from the ANZBMS at http://www.ifmrs.org/activities
    • Access to centralised information on a variety of topics including Big Data, Grants and Awards, Protocols, Review articles.  An IFMRS Knowledge Platform is currently being developed and will include much more!
    • Training for PhD students and Postdocs – Details to be announced in 2018
    • Chance for your members and New Investigators to be represented on the IFMRS Board of Directors and various committees to collaborate on an international level

    Membership of the IFMRS is open to any independent non-profit musculoskeletal research society governed by a democratically elected board of volunteer leaders. Applications for membership of the IFMRS will be considered by the current IFMRS Board of Directors.

    Federation mission and principles

    • Adding an international aspect to meetings: The IFMRS can identify and/or sponsor international speakers for member society’s meetings
    • Development of training programmes for PhD students and Postdocs, which can be delivered by each member society
    • Reciprocal marketing arrangements to raise the profile of your society, taking advantage of the IFMRS website and social media to extend reach internationally

    • Enhance development of musculoskeletal research in your area and internationally
    • Join the IFMRS Board of Directors and take part in forming the future of our field
    • Be part of the international musculoskeletal community
    • Big Data Working Group - an inventory of websites has been generated to assist members in accessing and utilizing existing databases for musculoskeletal research. The IFMRS Big Data Website Inventory is divided into the following four categories: Epigenetics, Genomics, Transcriptomics: Coding and Transcriptomics: Non-coding RNA
    • IFMRS Future Global Leaders group – a new group of New Investigators to advise on future requirements of researchers in the field

    Member societies can take advantage of the IFMRS activities and resources and through collaboration can gain access to:
    • IFMRS Website
    • IFMRS Big Data inventory of websites
    • IFMRS Social media
    • Information about international grants and awards, including the IFMRS Exchange Grants

    • Facilitate training for PhD students, Postdocs, Basic Scientists and Clinicians
    • Link to on-line resources (e.g. webinars)
    • Knowledge environment

    To apply for membership, please send the following to ifmrs@ifmrs.org:
    • Letter of application from the Society’s President confirming that the application has been endorsed by the Society’s Board of Directors or Council
    • Copy of governing bylaws