IFMRS Travel Grants

IFMRS travel grants are available for members of IFMRS member societies to attend any IFMRS member society congress.  Please note that grants cannot be awarded retrospectively.

NB:  Please note that applications for the ECTS meeting in Valencia are now closed

Applications for the JSBMR, ANZBMS, ASBMR and SEIOMM 2018 meetings are OPEN

Deadline for receipt of applications for the ASBMR meeting in Montreal is 17 August


Rachel Duckham (Deakin University) to attend ASBMR 2017

Sharon Brennan-Olsen (University of Melbourne) to attend ASBMR 2017

Severin Ruoss (Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland) to attend ORS March 2018

Chao Liu (New York University Bioengineering Dept) to attend ORS March 2018

Jasmine (Li) Xiao (Orthopaedic Research, University of Virginia) to attend ORS March 2018

Mathieu Riffault (Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, Dublin  ) to attend ORS March 2018

Vittoriio Gatti(City College of New York) to attend ORS March 2018

Pamela Cabahug-Zuckerman (New York University) to attend ORS March 2018

Simona Bolamperti (University Medical School Hamburg) to attend ECTS May 2018

Davide Komla Ebri (ICL, London) to attend ECTS May 2018

Mattia Capulli (University of L’Aquila) to attend ECTS May 2018

Frederic Velard (Reims University) to attend ECTS May 2018

Petar Milovanivic (Belgrade University) to attend ECTS May 2018

Lucie Bourgoin (Geneva University) to attend ECTS May 2018

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Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • be an individual member of an IFMRS affiliated society – see a list of current affiliated societies here.
  • must be presenting at an IFMRS affiliated society event
  • have not previously received an IFMRS travel grant
  • qualification of PhD and/or MD, DDS, DMD or veterinary degree
  • within 15 years of gaining most advanced degree


Download the application form and email the completed form (with attachments to


  • Individual grants of $500 each are available as a contribution towards travel and registration fees
  • Payment made post-event on proof of attendance
  • Grants are allocated on a quarterly basis to eligible applicants

Application and review process

  1. Check you qualify for eligibility (see above)
  2. Download and complete the application form
  3. Email the form and attachments to

Your application will be checked and reviewed by representatives from the IFMRS grants committee. We aim to notify applicants within 8 weeks of application.

Please note that there is a budget for each member society which is allocated on a quarterly basis.  If your society has reached its limit you may not be eligible, even if the application process is still open to other societies and/or their annual meeting.