IFMRS Fellowships

IFMRS Fellowships are available for members of IFMRS member societies to support musculoskeletal research projects.

Applications for the IFMRS Fellowship are now closed

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  • Applicants must be an individual member of an IFMRS affiliated society – see a list of affiliated societies here.
  • open to any scientist or clinician working in the musculoskeletal field
  • the award is to be used exclusively to support research in the musculoskeletal field
  • the award can be used to cover apparatus, materials and consumables relevant to the research project
  • the award can be used to cover the applicant’s salary costs
  • funds are not to be used for university/institution overheads
  • applicants are not eligible if they have previously received an IFMRS Fellowship
  • applicants must have a qualification of PhD and/or MD, DDS, DMD or veterinary degree and be within 15 years of gaining most advanced degree
  • applicants should clearly indicate within their application how the IFMRS funds are going to be used and which additional funds they have in place for their studies
  • applications must be made on-line from the IFMRS web site

Application process

  1. Check you qualify for eligibility (see above)
  2. Complete the application form and submit

All applications will be reviewed by the IFMRS Grants Committee and applications that successfully pass the first stage of review will be considered by an independent panel of reviewers. The final decision is based on the marks and comments from the reviewers and any conflicts of interest are declared and dealt with appropriately.