IFMRS Exchange Scholarship Grants

Exchange Grant Applications are now closed.  Announcements on availability of further funding will be made in due course.

NB: Successful applicants may be contacted by the IFMRS to provide content for the IFMRS on-line learning environment, HubLE.


Michela Rossi, ECTS member(Bambino gesù children’s hospital, Rome) to visit Institute for Osteologie und Biomechanik, University of Hamburg, Germany
Report available here

Milos Spasic, ORS member (Columbia University) to visit Inst of Bioengineering, Queen Mary University of London

Feitong Wu, ANZBMS member (Menzies Institute for Medical Research) to visit School of Health Studies, University of S Australia
Report available here

Li Jin, ORS member (University of Virginia) to visit Rush University, Chicago, USA

Ling Oei, ECTS and ASBMR member (Erasmus, Rotterdam) to visit Aarhus University, Denmark

IFMRS Exchange Scholarship Grants are available for members of IFMRS member societies to enable researchers to spend time in another laboratory to learn a technique not used in the home laboratory. Grants are also available for medically trained researchers/physicians to spend time in clinical research facilities

IFMRS Exchange Scholarship Grants will support visits of up to 3 months. The Grant is intended as a contribution to travel and subsistence expenses for the duration of the visit. It does not include cover for spouses or any dependents. The amount allocated will be calculated according to the budget available, the number of applicants, and the total amount of expenses claimed.

All applicants must be a member of an IFMRS member society and must demonstrate that they will apply the knowledge gained during their visit. There is no age limit.

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Download the application form and email the completed form (with attachments) to

Applicants will be required to provide the following: 

short (maximum 2 page) curriculum vitae

list of publications (of the applicant or the applicant’s laboratory)

one-page synopsis of current work

names and addresses of two referees, one of which must be the current supervisor

Maximum 1,500-word synopsis of the work intended to carry out at the receiving laboratory (written by the applicant). The synopsis should include: 

  • Title of the project
  • Summary of the project
  • Background of the project
  • Overall aim of the project
  • Main lines of experimental/clinical approach
  • Benefit for own project
  • Benefit for home laboratory/clinical research facility
  • References
  • Outline of anticipated costs
  • Length of stay

The IFMRS will operate a rigorous and transparent review process supervised by representatives from two IFMRS member societies. Each application will be checked for eligibility and will then be sent to three independent reviewers. Reviewers will be selected for their expertise in the appropriate area and will be asked for their opinion on the following aspects:

  • Quality and originality of the proposal;
  • Suitability of the chosen receiving laboratory/clinical research facility;
  • Quality of the candidate;
  • Perceived benefit to the home laboratory/clinical research facility;
  • Feasibility of achieving the goal of the visit and benefit for the project

Any conflicts of interest will be declared.

Successful candidates will be required to submit a report to the IFRMS within 3 months of their visit. The report should include the following:

  • Introduction/background – why laboratory/clinical research facility was visited
  • The results obtained and skills learned
  • Discussion on results and how new skills/knowledge will be incorporated into own research

The amount given to successful applicants will be determined by: The duration of the stay (maximum 3 months; The cost of accommodation at the chosen venue; The cost of transport, depending on distance travelled.


Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • be an individual member of an IFMRS affiliated society – see a list of current affiliated societies here.
  • has not previously received an IFMRS travel or exchange grant
  • qualification of PhD and/or MD, DDS, DMD or veterinary degree


  • The Grant is intended as a contribution to travel and subsistence expenses for the duration of the visit. It does not include cover for any spouses or dependents
  • The amount allocated will be calculated according to the budget available, the number of applicants and the total amount of expenses claimed. The maximum amount payable is $3000
  • Payment will be made in 2 instalments – the first is paid at the start of the visit, with the final payment due on receipt of the final report when the visit has been completed

Application and review process

  1. Check you qualify for eligibility (see above)
  2. Download and complete the application form
  3. Email the form and attachments to

Your application will be checked and reviewed by representatives from the IFMRS grants committee. We aim to notify applicants within 8 weeks of application.