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H Fleisch Workshop 2019

The H Fleisch Workshop will be held on 17-19 March 2019 in Bruges, Belgium. More details to follow shortly.

New Orleans Paddle Steamer

Research Society
Annual Meeting 2018

10-13 March 2018
New Orleans, USA

Montreal in Autumn

American Society for Bone
and Mineral Research
Annual Meeting 2018

28 September - 1 October 2018
Montreal, CANADA

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Thank you to all who contributed to the success of our joint meeting with the ANZBMS and JSBMR in Brisbane, Australia.

Comments from some of the delegates

Joint Meeting Report

The Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society were delighted to be join with the newly-formed International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies for their first joint meeting, in collaboration with the Japanese Society for Bone & Mineral Research.  The event proved to be a truly international meeting and a stunning success.

The scientific programme, overseen by representatives from each society, covered a diverse range of basic, translational and clinical research topics.  The meeting’s faculty included 20 international speakers from eight different countries on 3 continents, possible in part because of the generous support of constituent member societies of IFMRS  (ASBMR, ECTS, ORS and ICMRS) who each sponsored at least one speaker.  ANZBMS were also delighted to co-badge sessions with the Australian & New Zealand Orthopaedic Research Society and the Australian Rheumatology Association.  All in all, this enabled the creation of a panel of outstanding international, national and local speakers. 

The international nature of this meeting was also reflected in attendees, with over 400 participants drawn from 15 countries.  The number of submitted abstracts was almost double the number submitted to the 2016 ANZBMS ASM; and more than 25% of the submitted abstracts were incorporated into the programme as oral presentations.  Interestingly the proportion of clinical to basic abstracts changed from the ANZBMS’ usual ratio of 1:2 to a more even balance. We think this reflects a deliberate policy of enhancing clinical engagement in bone and mineral diseases. 

Additionally, there was a strong emphasis on fostering engagement with younger investigators; and the newly-formed ANZBMS Early Career Investigator Committee organized two events during the meeting to promote networking and interactions among the more junior attendees.  Both basic science and clinical satellite workshops were also held; these informal and interactive sessions proved extremely popular and registrations were sold-out well in advance. 

We were also delighted and grateful for the enthusiasm of pharma, who generously supported four industry-sponsored lunchtime or breakfast sessions during the meeting.

Finally, thanks are due to ASN Events, particularly Jim Fawcett and Jennifa Vo, for all their hard work, patience, enthusiasm and efficiency in all the behind-the-scenes organisation.

ANZBMS-IFMRS-JSBMR 2017 resulted in the best scientific and clinical program seen in Australia in recent memory.  From the perspective of the ANZBMS, our association with IFMRS and JSBMR in planning and participating in this conference together was extremely positive.  We look forward to future joint collaborations; and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed this historic meeting.