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    Joint ANZBMS/IFMRS/JSBMR meeting

    Thank you to all who contributed to the success of our joint meeting with the ANZBMS and JSBMR in Brisbane, Australia.  Some comments received so far:

    “I was amazed by the outstanding science on display at the ANZBMS/IFMRS/JSBMR joint meeting and the wonderful hospitality of the Australian/New Zealand bone communities. I was honoured to be part of the program.”

    Charles R. Farber, (ASBMR representative on behalf of the IFMRS)

    "The joint scientific meeting of ANZBMS-IFMRS-JSBMR succeeded to bring together not only members of several societies around the world but also clinicians and basic scientists as well as investigators at different career stages. The combination of an outstanding scientific program, vibrant early career investigator sessions, enjoyable social events and active interaction between the attendees made the conference truly excellent."

    Hanna Taipaleenmaeki, (ECTS representative on behalf of the IFMRS)

    “The quality and breadth of science presented at the recent ANZBMS/IFMRS/JSBMR meeting in Brisbane was inspiring.  The setting was great and the organization of the meeting encouraged lots of interaction among the attendees.  I was delighted to have been able to attend.”

    Rick Sumner (ORS representative on behalf of IFMRS)

    “I truly enjoyed the 2017 ANZBMS/IFMRS/JSBMR meeting in Brisbane.  The presentations highlighted important cutting-edge concepts in musculoskeletal research.  The program organizers did a terrific job of promoting an inclusive environment and facilitating friendly discussion.  I was delighted to participate and would encourage others to attend in the future.” 

    Jen Westendorf (ORS representative on behalf of IFMRS).

    IFMRS Training

    Further details available soon